WooCommerce for online Stores Development

WooCommerce for online Stores Development

Another strong side of WordPress

E-commerce is one of the most preferred tools for shaping a market today. More and more people build online stores to offer their products and services. Internet marketing has its many advantages that give it the advantage of developing continuously. On the one hand, it saves time and effort for customers, allows for better distribution of products or services outside of the boutique, city or even country. On the other hand, online shops are easier to maintain and work more efficiently in favor of their creators. Of course, making websites that function as online stores has its specific points that should be given special attention. When designing websites where you want to present your products, you need to focus on some key points that distinguish online marketing from the market in real terms. However, we will talk about this in some of our next texts. Now we want to go ahead with this series. In this case, this means tracing statistically why WordPress is the most popular content management system.

Of course, we are talking about WooCommerce, which allows users to build a quality and efficient online shop, making it easy, fast and does not require special knowledge in the technology and IT sector. Undoubtedly, WooCommerce is an innovative and widespread solution that makes online commerce a great investment both for traders and their customers. Statistically speaking, WooCommerce is the most popular market bull, with its market share at 22%. The domination of WordPress over other content management systems unprecedentedly takes its users to WooCommerce, which explains its high market share.

WooCommerce is the most popular bull market, with its market share at 22%

As a comparison between WooCommerce and its competitors, we can bring Shopify. Marketplace Shopify is WooCommerce’s strongest competitor, even leading in some ways. In order to get acquainted with them in particular, we have drawn a few statistics that will allow you to compare qualitatively and effectively how the preferences of web site users to work as online stores from larger ones in – small groups. These statistics tablely look like this:

WooCommerce Shopify
Whole Internet space 7% 18%
Top Sites 22% 18%
Top 100000 site 13% 21%
Top 10000 site 6% 22%

When you look only at Top 100k or Top 10k most popular websites on the internet, Shopify is actually a market leader. But it is worth noting that only 51,271 web sites in this Tope 100k support a certain e-commerce platform, so the size of the sample is not very large. From these statistics, we can actually conclude that WooCommerce still has a higher market share than Shopify and is a preferred platform for making websites that operate as internet marketers.

Another competitor of WooCommerce is Easy Digital Downloads. According to BuiltWith’s statistics, however, it provides the ability to online trading on websites of only 0.2% of the top million most popular sites.

In a general conclusion of the data presented so far, we can conclude that WordPress and its website development capabilities and support for both small and large pages and stores is unprecedented. While the growth of hosted sites by Squarespace, Wix and Shopify should not be underestimated, the most popular way to build websites is WordPress. WooCommerce, in its turn, is the world’s most popular way to build an online store, and continues to increase its market share and qualitatively represent WordPress. Whether their popularity is due to price distribution, choice of tuples and content management topics, easy and affordable methods for its quality and effective support, we sometimes have to say that statistics speak for themselves. That’s why in this series of texts we at Vipe Studio decided to introduce you exactly with the statistics. We believe that WordPress massassisation among Web site development platforms in no way leads to its de-functionalisation, but vice versa. It is constantly being developed and upgraded to meet the needs and needs of its more and more consumers.

So, if you are going to be making websites, bet on the proven WordPress quality. And we can help you start your site right away!