What is copywriting?

What is copywriting?

Copywriting is the professional writing of narrative texts. The term is a direct borrowing from the English language, in which the word is copywriting. The literal translation of the word is “writing text”, “writing” (from the word “writing” – writing, writing, writing). Copywriting is a specific activity in advertising – advertising, public relations or the “piar”, political lobbying and political and pre-election agitation). The texts written by copywriters are used on the Internet, the press, the television, the radio, the melodies and the verses for sounding advertisements, websites, audio and dubbing texts, press releases, brochures and texts for all other marketing messages. The texts are short as advertisements and titles, as long as the body of messages, sustained as a prose or a verse. Copywriter (also the term termter, along with a lyricist, also comes in) is a copywriting practitioner. After 2000, the copywriting process is almost entirely on the Internet.

Copywriting uses a number of methods with defined goals – attracting the attention of the potential reader; highlighting the subject of the announcement, so that its mark can be remembered; explaining the features of the subject matter and their potential benefits to the prospective consumer; Raising Website Rating on Internet Search Engines (Copywriting for SEO).

In Bulgaria, copywriting activity began to enter after 1989, but the term is not used. Before 2008, it can even be said that the only speech in the public domain of the term in question is part of the sound of the series “Friends”, in which hero Chandler Bing (played by actor Matthew Perry) announces his new work, which is “Junior copywriter responsible for advertising”.

The copywriter is either an employee of an advertising agency or a similar service company, or an employee of a commercial company or a freelance practitioner. There are specialized copywriting agencies offering services such as SEO and positioning, editing, correction, layout and design.

In most cases, copywriters are part of a creative team led by an art director. The copywriter writes texts under the supervision of the art director and the guidelines given by him. These guidelines come from the client’s job and are tailored to the specific reader’s specificity.
Copywriter is an editor and a psychologist, temptress and seducer, salesman and director, SEO specialist and designer in one. A person who turns the words into images that create desires.

The professional use of the term “copywriter” in Bulgaria goes with the popularization of social networks and the start of their use as part of the marketing strategy of the business. Corporations and their conscious need to outsource their business on the Internet lead to the recruitment of professional copywriters, while the attractiveness of the work leads a lot of people with education in the journalistic sphere to reorient themselves to the new professional career.

In the not-too-distant past, when modern advertising agencies have been forced, copying has meant the creative process itself, in which the idea becomes clear and the text content of the ads is created. Now this creative act is called “creative”.

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