Защита при уеб сайтове

Web Site Development and the Security Layer


When it comes to making websites, you must also keep in mind the protection that you can provide them to store content and protect your customers and users. Whether you are creating a great online store full of many items and valuable information, or a small blog for sharing thoughts or personal creativity, you have to pay attention to every detail that can protect you from the terrible moment of waking up one morning and find your site in ruins. When constructing websites and in the process of their use, development and upgrading, you must take advantage of all possible means that you can protect them. While we guarantee our customers the security and high quality of website development, we also encourage each of our clients to take multiple security measures that will protect their personal internet space. Combined, these things ensure you have a long life and upgrades without worrying that your information may disappear, the databases – collapse, and your labor – destroyed for a moment by a hacker attack or collapse. In view of customer use, if it is an online store, these security measures are absolutely imperative.

As we have repeatedly said, we want our clients to be well informed to make the right decisions for them, their business and the users of their sites. That is why in a series of several texts we will reveal a variety of tricks and methods to achieve maximum security easily, quickly, comfortably, and actually without investing enormously in energy, resources or time. We are sure you will be extremely helpful!


WordPress is undoubtedly the most widely distributed content management platform. Today it supports both small and light sites as well as large and heavy internet shops. The use of WordPress is increasing and its market share is steadily increasing, making WordPress the undisputed leader in content management systems used around the world at all. When you start making websites and bet WordPress as the most preferred and most proven ally in your task, you are logically asking yourself if WordPress is a sufficiently secure platform to store your data. To a great extent, we can conclude that WordPress really gives you the most security, but it is important to note a few other basic things. Lack of the necessary knowledge of web space often leads users to maladministration, using aging WordPress software, plugging-in plug-ins, and a number of security-threatening actions with regard to the sites they support. Security is not really so much about software itself, it’s about how you manage it and take care of it. Even when designing websites, you must ensure that you learn how to manage the quality you create and thus minimize the risk of its possible hacking or collapse. Risk minimization, in turn, will allow you to administer your pages more efficiently and smoothly, which is beneficial to you and to your business website, blog or online store you support.

To date, over the security of the WordPress platform, over 50 professionals are working to find more and more ways to keep your data properly and avoid the possibility of a crash as a result of a hacker attack. For just two years, the number of WordPress security experts has doubled since they are only 25 in 2017. But for the main prevention of attacks, you are more responsible for yourself. By making websites, you should keep in mind that you will have to make efforts not only to build on the site itself, but also to maintain and consolidate it. This includes a focus on security.


In a series of several texts we are going to introduce you to the security measures you can take and which will certainly benefit you. Stay informed and take care of any datal of building your web sites. Follow us and expect more!