Security in WordPress Development

Security in WordPress Development

In the first part of the series we talked about the important role of security in the development of websites and their proper maintenance. Protection should be a priority in the management of your sites, and we strongly recommend that you pay attention to every detail that can provide you with more security and better protection for your information. In view of your site’s users, as well as the energy, effort, and effort involved, we are sure that anyone investing in website development will make sure that it maintains it properly to ensure it is successful and long functioning.

We have also drawn attention to the fact that WordPress is the most popular content management system and as such gives you some peace of mind, but the true investment in security and efficiency is actually to try to avoid any possible risks that might arise and on that basis to protect the content you have.

We have prepared some basic guidelines that could be of good help in this task. By following these guidelines, you will make your site as safe as possible, and thus gain the trust of more and more users who will be visiting it. Let’s start!


One of the most important things about providing security is choosing secure web hosting. We take security very seriously, and we have endeavored to assist you as much as possible in this endeavor. Strengthening the server is what you need if you are looking for a secure and secure environment. We want to be your valuable partner in building new sites, so we face all of your hosting issues and help you as best as we can to get exactly what best suits your needs and priorities .


PHP is the backbone of your WordPress site and so using the latest version of your server is very important. Every major version of PHP is generally maintained for two years after its release. During that time, bugs and security issues are regularly corrected and corrected. To date, anyone working with a version of PHP 7.0 is no longer security-aware and vulnerable to security. We only recommend the use of stable and supported versions of PHP to ensure maximum protection. On the other hand, WordPress themes and plug-ins are updated for a number of reasons many times, and these updates include security enhancements and bug fixes. Unfortunately millions of companies work with outdated versions of WordPress software and plug-ins and still believe they are on the right track of business success. We believe that the update is critical to the proper functioning of your site and to protecting against internal and external attacks. So also consider this important element in the development of websites.


The use of smart passwords is an extremely important factor in providing maximum protection. At first glance it sounds very easy, but looking at the statistics, the results can definitely surprise you. It is known that in 2018 the most commonly used passwords are the following:


There are still many people who are betting on the series of numbers, forming important passwords. In fact, some of the best security measures start from the foundations. That’s why we recommend using all WordPress functionalities, including the wp_hash_password function, as well as some online tools like Strong Password Generator. Google offers some basic recommendations on how to choose a strong password for your site that might be of use to you. It is also important to use different passwords for each website. The best way to store them is locally in the encrypted database on your computer. By choosing a unique and strong username and password, you are guaranteed a much stronger and stronger protection for your sites. When making websites, this is very important and you should think about it at the very beginning of the process.

If you want to learn more important steps in ensuring constant and high quality protection in the development of websites and in their quality maintenance over time, please keep an eye on our next series!